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There are two types of Orlando vacation home loans for single family homes and townhouses2nd Home Loans or Vacation Rental Loans. Their deposit requirements and interest rates are different.

  • 2nd Home Loans
    Minimum Deposit – 10% (will require PMI (private mortgage insurance since under 20%))
    Interest Rate – Comparable to primary resident loans
  • Vacation Rental Loans
    Minimum Deposit – 15% (will require PMI (private mortgage insurance since under 20%))
    Interest Rate – Normally .75-1%* higher than primary resident loans
    Note: Future potential rental income of vacation rentals will be included in the loan qualifying process for vacation rental loans.
    * In certain situations, vacation rental loans can be secured with an interest rate comparable to the prevailing primary resident or 2nd home interest rate.

Note regarding vacation home condo loans: Often condo loans require a minimum 25-30% deposit and with an interest rate ~2% higher than the prevailing primary resident rate.

There are a number of lenders who offer Orlando vacation home loans, and their deposit requirements and interest rates can vary substantially. You should shop your loan with some of these lenders to secure your loan at the best interest rate and cost. A small interest rate savings can result in a significant savings.  An example: You’re buying a $500,000 vacation home. A 1/4% savings on your $400K mortgage loan’s interest rate can save over $20,000 over the term of a 30 year loan. Don’t be shy to ask for a better rate from a lender!

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