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Since you are reading this, you must be potentially interested in buying an Orlando vacation home.  If your interest needs a little reinforcement, click on the The Orlando Vacation Homes Market link below, and you will be convinced that buying an Orlando vacation home is a good idea.

To help you with your search, there are preprogrammed searches set up where you can search by price, by featured communities and by community amenities. There are hundreds of Orlando vacation homes for sale at any given time. Our preprogrammed searches will be a big time saver for you.

There are purchasing tips that, when followed, will maximize your dollars spent. There is a check-off list to follow, money saving tips and mortgage information. Vacation home buyers often will buy on emotion and end up spending too much on a vacation home. Follow these purchasing tips, and you will not make that mistake.

And, finally, if you are considering purchasing an Orlando vacation home as an investment, read about our Winning Formula and how to avail yourself of the pro forma statements we create. Orlando vacation home investments require a thorough analysis. Your analysis will be much simpler with these tools.

Don’t hesitate to contact Keith Courtney, the owner of The Pro Agent Group, if you have questions or would like his assistance.  Good luck with your search!