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Orlando Area Vacation Home Investments

Orlando Area Vacation Home Investments

Vacation Home Investments Near Disney World

Orlando’s year-round international tourism is huge and growing mainly due to Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Because of this, one would think that most vacation home rentals in the Orlando area are profitable
The fact is many, if not most, of the vacation rentals in the Orlando area are not profitable.

Most vacation rentals near Disney World not profitable . . .

One reason most are not profitable is many owners don’t plan for or care about making a profit. They buy the homes on emotional highs when visiting Orlando. They do no analysis and are not concerned about making a profit. They just want to stay in their own vacation homes when visiting Orlando and then some rent their vacation homes when not using them. If they break even, they’re content. Thus, their vacation homes are not set up to make a profit.

A second reason most are not profitable is many owners, who do seek a profit, make bad decisions. Some choose vacation homes that have no potential for profit. The homes are in bad locations or they lack features that renters desire, and the owners don’t add them. Some don’t vet their property managers and end up choosing poor ones.  And, some owners choose a short-term rental marketing program that is ineffective or too costly.

A third reason most are not profitable is many owners don’t have sufficient funds. Some owners settle for an inferior vacation home in a bad location due to a lack of funds.  Others buy a vacation home with potential for generating a profit, but they don’t have the cash to add the modern features and fun amenities to their vacation homes to maximize rentals because their cash is consumed in loan deposits.

A fourth reason most are not profitable is most vacation homes near Disney World are as described in the 3 paragraphs above.  There are 1000s of them – lots of competition.

The vacation rentals near Disney World that are profitable . . .

The Orlando area vacation rentals with good ROIs (12-17%+ returns on cash invested) are in highly desirable locations. They have the modern features and fun amenities to maximize rentals. Professional and honest property managers manage the homes. And, an excellent and cost-effective short-term rental marketing program is utilized.

When you buy an Orlando area vacation home as an investment, analyze and plan as you would any other investment.  Buy a vacation home in the best location, renovate it with the modern features and fun amenities that renters most desire, hire a good property manager and market it with a cost-effective marketing plan.  It will be PROFITABLE and a GOOD INVESTMENT.

Keith Courtney
Owner – The Pro Agent Group
Orlando, FL




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