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Invest In A Vacation Home Near Disney World Now!

Invest In A Vacation Home Near Disney World Now!

Invest in a vacation home near Disney World now!
Are you serious??
Due to the coronavirus, Disney World is closed. Domestic and international travel is limited. There are thousands of vacation homes near Disney World sitting empty and not rented. Thousands of reservations have been canceled for the homes.

How could this be a good time to invest in a vacation home near Disney World?

The answer has 2 parts . . .

1)  Disney World is going to open all of its parks between July 11-15. The opening will be gradual and limited to allow for social distancing. Attendance will not be anywhere near capacity, which is a negative for vacation rentals. But, think about where will the tourists stay – in a hotel or a vacation home? Where are they going to feel the safest? Being in hotel lobbies, restaurants, elevators, etc. in a hotel or in a vacation home?
There are 34 resorts or hotels on Disney World property with approximately 40,000 rooms.  If attendance at Disney World is only 50% this summer, the total number of rooms occupied would probably be approximately 20,000 rooms per night normally.  If 25% of the 20,000 rooms are lost to vacation homes due to the coronavirus, that result is an additional 5000 rentals/night for vacation homes.

Not all vacation rentals will benefit from these 5000 rentals/night, but these will . . .

Vacation rentals close to Disney World – Many people, who stay at the hotels and resorts on the Disney World property, do it for the easy and convenient access to the Disney World parks. It then follows that those same people, who decide to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel due to the coronavirus, will want to stay in a vacation rental that is close to the parks with easy access.

Vacation rentals that are new or renovated with great features and fun amenities – There are thousands of vacation rentals in the Disney World area. There are a relatively select few that are profitable. The profitable ones are close to Disney World as mentioned above, and a majority of the profitable ones are single family homes that are either new or have been renovated with many great features and fun amenities – pool and spa, game room &/or movie theater, modern kitchens, video games, etc. These are the vacation rentals that will benefit most from the people who now choose a vacation rental over a Disney area hotel.

2)  As more and more people ponder choosing a vacation home over a hotel room due to the coronavirus, their decision becomes easier when they discover that vacation home rentals are a great deal compared to a room in a Disney World area hotel. During the summer, a very nice newly renovated 6 bedroom-4 bath single family vacation home with great features and amenities including a full, modern kitchen, a private pool and spa and a game room or movie theater in a gated and amenity-packed vacation home community (guard gated, clubhouse, water park, etc.) can be rented for ~$375/night.  A moderate priced Disney World hotel room with 2 queen beds is $350-$400/night plus the additional costs of having to eat all meals out, parking and other hotel related costs.

Now IS a good time to buy! With rental income almost non-existent presently, some vacation home owners are going to have to sell. Bargains are coming. If you can find a good vacation home that is a good deal and in a good location, buy it. Purchasing a vacation home now will allow time to upgrade and renovate the vacation home to maximize rentals before Disney World opens.

W. Keith Courtney
Owner – The Pro Agent Group

Note:  The above photos are from Hangar TWO – a home currently being rented in Windsor Hills Resort.



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